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Apr 2, 2013 11:30am PDT
. she owned a minivan 58gn279. if you see her, please call the police. >> president obama is asking congress to spend $100 million to start a new project to map the human vein if hopes of fining secures foe diseases like alzheimer's disease. the so-called brain initiative could create jobs that unlock the mysteries of the brain. it is aimed at helping researchers find ways to treat and cure parkinson's disease and autism and more. >> as humans we can identify galaxies light years away, study particles smaller than an atom but we have not unlocked the mystery of three pounds of matter that sits between our ears. >> the project will require the development of new technology that can record the electric activity of individual cells and complex neurocircuits in the britain. >> it will take a week or two. >> that is a massive project. >> now to the weather. >> i have gray matter outside in the form of clouds. that is the best i could do. sorry. more than these pounds. it is light. but you add it together it would be heavy. good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd has good news, keep umb
Mar 29, 2013 9:00pm PDT
last july. the day president obama appeared at oakland fox theater. large contingent of police were outside to handle problems that could arise from protestors. many of the officers said they had trouble communicating on the 2 way radios. there had been numerous complaints before about the glitches of the new radio system which had just been installed in 2011, the year before. it had been riddled with inference and glitches right from the start. barry heads the police officer association. >> basically try to key the mike and doesn't work for variety of different reasons. and you never know the time or place when that is going to actually breakdown. >>reporter: this report confirms what an internal city investigation found a month after the president visit. that cell sites were affecting the city public safety radio system. that the signal were bleeding into radio channel causing sporadic inference. as of two months ago, 43 cell sites have been tested. a little over half of them were resolved. most were at&t towers. donlin says communication may have improved but his officers
Apr 3, 2013 11:30am PDT
are curious, and some are planning a protest while others are excited. san francisco police officers are standing by. this is where president obama will spend the night. for some, it is a great opportunity. >> it is very excited. it is not inconvenience to have the street blocked off. people can get by and take care of business. it is exciting. it is an honor to have the president near. >> president obama is here to raise money. he has two events to attend tonight, a $5,000 cocktail reception in pacific heights and $32,500 plate dinner. >> an actist group will protester the pricey dinner and want president obama to reject the keystone pipeline that brings oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. they are bringing a thousand people and some noise. we are raising our voices with a brass band that will be there and make noise to make sure he knows, the motorcade sees us, and he gets the message that the people that voted for him want him to reject there pipeline and stand on the right side of history. >> the money the president raises on the trip will go to house and senate candidates for
Apr 4, 2013 11:30am PDT
a motorcade to the first of two fundraisers here in this city. in fact, president obama's motorcade sped through atherton on the alameda 35 minutes ago, a convoy of at least 20 cars and police vehicles. many residents came out of the their homes to see the rare and exciting sight of the protesters were also here. they opposed the proposed keystone pipeline from canada to the gulf of mexico. >> we very much want to send a signal to the president that this is a crucial issue with his legacy because to approve this means we are committing more to fossil fuels which are dirty. >> a nice chance for our kids to have a chance to be close. we are not in washington so we don't get many opportunities. it is fun, he is coming by our house. >> president obama is now a few blocks from here at the home that are democratic power players hosting a brunch at $35 ,000 a plate and then a lunch reception, a $5,000 plate luncheon but $10,000 if you want your picture taken with the president. the president's scheduled to leave the bay area here about 1:00 o'clock. we are live in atherton for abc7 news. >> the
Apr 5, 2013 12:00am PDT
and still made his flight home. corp relevant rodgers has been with the pinole police department since 2006. superiors say they are proud of his actions. >> growing controversy tonight over comments president obama made about california attorney general pamela parris. he said quote you have to be careful to first of all say she is brilliant and dedicated and she is tough. then he said she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney general in the country. the comments were made this morning at democratic if you said raiser in atherton. wrapped up 2 days of fund raiser in the bay area and generate add lot of reaction on twitter and over the internet. vanity fair headline on line reads sexual harassment and new york magazine blog was fairly representative when it said the president is in need of gender sensitivity training. now we tried to reach the attorney general tonight for reaction to this and spokesperson said harris is currently traveling and unavailable for comment. >> pair of tornado and funnel cloud spotted tonight. look at the you tube video that shows one of the tor
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5